Wednesday, May 9, 2012

on living below the line - day 3

After yesterday's grumps, Day 3 saw me feeling slightly more chirpy.  A little hungry, but chirpy!

Having decided we had pennies to spare yesterday, my housemate and I decided we could up the porridge portion for breakfast; I reckon together with my coffee, and sugar on the porridge, breakfast was about 15p this morning.  Lunch was lentil soup, two slices of toast, an apple and two rich tea biscuits... basically the same as yesterday.  And Monday.  And tomorrow.  And Friday.  I also allowed myself extra biscuits for mid morning and mid afternoon emergency rations :)

This evening, we had our small group meeting from church, and as we eat together each week, we cooked a meal for 33p a head - we did bean chilli, rice, and pancakes again for pudding.  There was even enough left for some cups of tea.  Our group found it rather amusing the degree to which we went to work out the costs!

The headache is coming and going - I guess it's mostly the lack of caffeine (one mug a day) but also maybe the general lack of food, and change in food?

I've discovered hot water is much more pallatable than I thought, and part of having a coffee is eveidentally the comfort of a hot drink!  I'm drinking lots and lots of water, and discovering that the reason I seem to have a 'bladder of steel' is because I never drink any water.  Not so steely-bladdered this week.

Of all the ruminating thoughts inspired by this week, I think the 'take-home' message from this week will be WASTE.  I have never been so sure to make sure everything gets eaten; normally I am so flippant with what I have.  A quick look at these food waste facts on the feeding the 5k website makes me sick with guilt!

Nice to be over the half-way mark!  Remember - if you'd like to sponsor me, you can do so at


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