Tuesday, May 8, 2012

on living below the line - day 2

So, another day underneath the breadline draws to a close.

Today's menu consisted of... porridge and coffee for breakfast, broth, toast, an apple and two rich tea biscuits for lunch, an emergency half portion of rice (2p) when I got home from work, pasta and tomato sauce for tea... and... when me and my co-below-the-liners sat down and looked at the total for the day, we decided... we could afford... PANCAKES!  This has transformed my evening.  Today's total was 94p!

What I have mainly learnt today is that I still suffer from The Hunger Gap.  When I was very small, I used to occupy the time between waking up and having breakfast by generally being a grumpy, badly behaved brat.  Ma and Pa decided the answer was that I was hungry, and so used to leave two rich tea biscuits and a glass of juice by my bed, with strict instructions it was for the morning.  And that solved it.  Apparently, judging by today's performance, this is still an affliction I have to endure...

I have also started to look at waste in a different way.  I used much more of the onion than I usually do in cooking.  My lentil soup stuck, but that got scraped off and mixed into the soup anyway!  No pan, plate, spoon or tupperware goes to the wash without having every last morsel scraped or licked off; you realise that if you don't eat what's there, there will be nothing else.

Tomorrow, I am going to endeavour to be more JOYFUL.

Oh, and the Below The Line Headache has hit.

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  1. It's inspiring to read what you're doing Alison. Keep it up. I'm impressed!