Friday, July 1, 2011

clothes update...

This blog has become my accountability tool for my clothes buying!

So thus, I feel I should confess some purchases...

1) lovely pair of work shoes, to replace those which BROKE. They are Carvela, and so should last... and thus ethical, right?? (don't mention they were made in China...)

2) tights - within the rules... not good for the world, I'm afraid, in anyway, except for for my pocket, as they were considerably reduced.

3) PANTS. In the English (and not North-West England) sense of the word. Again, within the rules, and I have need of non-VPL pants. Girls, you'll understand. Maybe boys too, I don't know. Do boys worry about VPL?

Also, my lovely friend Lindsay sent me a belated birthday present of bamboo socks (ethical because it grows quicker...and they're beautifully soft) and a cute black linen tunic dress, from Nomad and organic and fairtrade and all that shenangans. Thanks Linds :)

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