Tuesday, June 28, 2011

on procrastination

I am the world's worst procrastinator, and the world's most disorganised resident. The other day, I spent the majority of the morning tidying my desk, and it's still covered in 10 piles of different 'stuff', set in opposite directions to try and provide some kind of a code for when I next tackle it. The shelves above my desk are still scattered with sheaths of paper and old diaries and CDs and I haven't even begun to tackle them.

The following day, I was mostly procrastinating, firstly cos of having to fill in 8 weeks of timesheets, which is in itself a result of procrastination, and then this afternoon because of a having to do a structural job (which I ALWAYS put off because I am basically scared of them).

So therefore, I know all about 'tau day' (oppositions of 'pi') and the fact that Kate Bush did a song called pi, and what tau (2x pi, 6.28) would sound like if it were made into music, and I've watched a funny vid of a man falling over the boundary trying to catch a ball at a cricket match, and a video of folkface (off of Chris Moyles) at Glastonbury, and Tina Daheley (off of Chris Moyles) 'scaling' the five storey Radio1 building in a cherry picker, and the fact that Alistair cook got out for 5 and then they went off for rain in the cricket.

In a bid to CONQUER this terrible habit, I have printed off an excel sheet marked out in half hourly boxes with Monday to Friday across the top to fill in with what I have been doing each half hour, in the hope that the guilt will hit me as I go to fill in each half hour and discover that I have to make stuff up for 'searching for Kate Bush tracks about mathematical symbols'.

So far, it has not worked, because since I decided to do it, I have spent the afternoon firstly making the table, drafts 1, 2, and3, and then putting off the structures job, by printing things out for jobs I need to do later in the week, washing up tea mugs, and attempting to descale the kettle.

I could go on and discuss my untidyness (as anyone who as ever lived with me for any time, however short, will be able to testify to) but that is just a bit too confessional. Anyway, I have decided that my gravestone should read 'lovely girl, but more than a trifle disorganised'.

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