Saturday, May 7, 2011

clothes update

OK, so I'm rubbish at updating.

Anyway, it's time for an update on my Year Without Buying Clothes (almost)(yes there's a confession coming up).

I think I'm doing well! It was tricky when the seasons started to change and the weather started getting warmer, and the shops had lots of lovely summer floaty clothes in, as it's always nice ushering in the spring with new togs! However, I went to my mum and dad's a couple of times and discovered all last year's floaty clothes so I've restocked. And the housemate and I have swapped and shared a few bits (although I have to be careful at encouraging her to buy things I think I'd like to wear!).

I also found it a bit tricky when I was in a foul mood; that's the time I'd ordinarily buy some new clothes to cheer me up. Luckily, I was placated by one of the lads from work who, fed up of my moaning, bought me a starbucks cheesecake. Bless.

I'm also planning using different coloured ribbons in some shoes that are currently fastened with a black ribbon - instant new shoes!

I did say that if I needed new things, I would get them from charity shops. But only if I NEEDED them. With the warmer weather I discovered I could do with a new lighter weight cardi - so hit Goodramgate in York today, otherwise known as charity shop street. I think about every other shop is a charity shop! I think I have got a bit snobby about these places; a bit nervous about getting things from them. But I had my eyes opened today; I think when I am buying clothes again I will definitely spend more time here. I had to be really self-restrained; I could easily have bought a few bits, particularly a gorgeous Reiss short sleeved light tan sweater dress for NINE POUNDS. I shall be wanging on about that particular sacrifice for ages, so deal with it. NINE POUNDS. But, I did find a very cute Laura Ashley black cardi with a cute vintage frill and buttons on the cuffs for a fiver.

In other news, we have started composting and taking the proceeds to friends' who have a wormery!

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  1. Keep at it Mrs, new laces are the way forward I feel xxx