Friday, October 30, 2009

the DadCrush

When my friend Em (who gets far too many namechecks in my blogging life) spontaneously came down to visit on her day off the other day, we were driving round the surrounding bits of Wolverhmapton, and I confessed something to her. She looked at me funny, laughed nervously, and said I should blog it. So, here goes.

I’m talking to the ladies here - have you ever found yourself admiring an older man in a slightly embarrassingly fashion. I don’t mean fancying them, I mean being in awe of them and not quite being able to get your words out when you speak to them. I think it’s like a girly version of the Man Crush, and I have coined it the DadCrush.

It’s not like I want anyone else to be my dad, he rocks (despite protestations from himself that if he does anything, rocking is Definitely Not what he does) and I love him to bits. It’s just sometimes I think it would be cool to have other men as my dad too!

My latest DadCrush is an acquaintance of my parents. He’s in Politics, so he has to be nice to people, but he’s just so nice! He Even remembered my name. There have been a few Dad Crushes in my time, but I think my longest-serving DadCrush has to be Philip Schofield. I love him to bits and wish he could be my second father. I just imagine summer days in the park with him running along behind me as I learn to ride a bike, pretending he won’t let go of the back wheel. Or great discussions over the Sunday dinner table about the lack of human rights in India. Or taking me off to uni in his big people carrier with bikes, table legs and CD racks tied onto the roofrack.

Oh Pip Schofield, when will you be mine?

n.b. (Upsettingly, but probably not unsurprisingly, I have just Googled Dad Crush and find the phrase has already been created. Devastating. Still, not to be perturbed, I say, lets get DadCrush into the mainstream!)

(what do you write for a second n.b??) do boys have MumCrushes??


  1. Well, well, I am popular aren't I! Hmm....Dadcrush???? I need to think about that one!......Oh, can I have Jerry Springer??? Go Jerry, Go Jerry! (Hmm, I don't know if I have the right talk show! Is it Go Ricky (Lake)Go Ricky?? My talk show knowledge is very poor!)

  2. Al!! There is such a thing as a blogcrush! lol! So I have one of you! lol! There you are crushed! xxx